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My name is Callum.

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, seeking always to promote high ethical standards. I keep up-to-date with research and personal development.

I am fully qualified in the application of theoretical approaches and practical methods which place you at the centre of your therapy. I have been in practice for over five years, and I have worked with a diverse population of clients covering a range of personal challenges and therapeutic goals.

Together, we can look at what you bring to each session and try to find out a little more about what it means for your experience. I may offer observations, ask questions, and suggest the application of useful models where appropriate, but I will always follow your lead.


I will regularly check my understanding, ask for you to appraise the work that we do, and I will listen with earnestness and respect should you tell me when I have misunderstood something or that my interventions are off target.

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