Why counselling?

There are many ways that counselling can be effective, but perhaps the most straight forward is that it creates room in our lives for the way that we feel. Life can be overwhelming, and it is often easier to put everything in a box and shut it away. In counselling, you can make that box a little bigger and give it a schedule. I believe that an autonomous and comfortable exploration within the safety provided by a respectful, professional relationship can help you in discovering meaningful ways to move forward.

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Callum Armstrong, MBACP


Want to help out?

All donations fund free counselling sessions for those who are unemployed or on a low income, OAPs, students, carers, front line workers and veterans.

The most precious things are seldom perfect,

Kintsugi moments glistening in our thoughts,

The facets of life's gems reflect the sparks 

our friction bought.


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